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Types Of ATV

Types of ATVs

Different Types Of ATV can be broken into to very general categories: sport and utility. Utility ATVs will have racks for carrying things mounted front and/or back and will be geared a little lower for better pulling power. A sport model will usually lack the racks, and will often be lighter and faster as well. If you are a hunter, or just need to haul a lot of stuff in and out of the woods, the utility model is for you. If you are mainly interested in tolling through the woods or any kind of racing, a sports model will be your best bet. Don’t forget, you can get racks on sports models as well most of the time, or take a rack off of a utility model of you don’t need it.

Engine Designs

There are two engines available for the most part: the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke. A 2-stroke requires oil mixed with the fuel, since they are self-lubricating, and generally run louder and at higher RPM than a four stroke. The 4-stroke works much like a car engine, with an oil reservoir, and are generally much quieter than their 2-stroke counterparts.


A term that often trips up newcomers is the automatic clutch. An automatic clutch is NOT an automatic transmission. You still have to manually change gears when needed, but you don’t have to worry with the clutch while doing so. 2×2 or 4×4 is also a consideration. A purely off-road ATV will be best served by 4 wheel drive, while a racing ATV will gain from the weight savings of a 2 wheel drive. And don’t neglect the drive train. An enclosed solid driveshaft will be much more robust than a chain or belt drive, while being heavier.

Above all, consider what you plan on doing with the ATV before you make the purchase. There are large differences among ATVs designed for different duty types, so be sure you choose one that matches what you are going to use it for. Choosing the wrong ATV can make for an unhappy owner, and that’s not good for anyone involved. Choose well, and you will get years of enjoyment from your ATV.

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