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600cc – 800cc atv Happy-Customer

Happy Customer Good Riding 

Before you jump on your ATV and start riding, there is some preparation you should undertake, especially if you have never ridden an ATV before.

Take a safety course

Depending where you are at, you should be able to find an ATV safety course.  These courses will teach you how to safely ride an ATV. One of the best options for every new rider is to enroll in an ATV Safety Institute (ASI) ATV RiderCourse. It’s not expensive, and if you’re buying a new quad, you may get a certificate to take the course for free.  Courses are usually broken up into three or four weeks, with them lasting two and a half hours a night once a week.

Read the Owner’s Manual

I know that owner’s manuals are typically the most boring thing you could possibly read, but it is so important.  The owner’s manual on your new quad should provide operating tips, riding tips and directions on what you should and shouldn’t do with the ATV, especially before your first ride. Some manufacturers require certain steps be taken before starting the engine for the first time. The owner’s manual is also your go-to for maintenance schedules and buying the right replacement parts.

As you read the manual, sit on the ATV and get a good feel for where all the controls are. Most quads have a thumb throttle, not a twist throttle like dirt bikes.  The throttle is typically located on the right side of the handlebars. The left handlebar of the ATV will probably have the electric start, headlight controller, a kill switch, and the front brake.

You also want to make sure your ATV is going to be comfortable for you once you learn where everything is and how it works. 

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