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Atv-Automatic 400cc

ATV 400 4×4 Atv quad bike is one of the best quality ATVs in this price range, thanks to loads of features backed up by Yamaha technology. 

Tested over 40 hours in some of the harshest terrain India has to offer. The 400cc motor was relentless in getting into 4×4 places that would scare of most 4wd drives. Weighing in at under 280kg the machine simply glides along the roughest of terrains.

In case you leave the lights on there is always the recoil start to get the user out of trouble.

The winch used is normally left for the bigger ATV’s but was upgraded from 2500lbs to a newly developed 3500lbs winch. Although not necessary for a machine this size we did find that there are a lot more uses for the winch than just dragging the machine out of a sticky situation as we found when a camper trailer sank into a pit of mud along with the 4WD towing it.

Safety tip: foot brake has to be pressed before you can shift gear to “F” or “R”. This safety feature is simple but effective. It saves your transmission!

Switching between 2WD and 4WD riding mode is easy. Simply push a button and leave the electro magnetic front diff locking system to do the rest for you. You do not even have to turn off the engine to switch mode.

The newly brushed aluminum wheel are more for show than go but one would have to agree they look great, are lighter than steel and as a free option are a must have.

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