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Utv 800

Driving a UTV 800 is a super fun experience

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before you head out though. These tips will help you get the most out of your trip and help you stay safe and happy.

If you follow each bit of advice, you’ll have fun driving your UTV for years to come!

  • Don’t do doughnuts. This is a common mistake that people make the first time they drive a UTV. UTVs are not built to safely perform doughnuts. (You technically shouldn’t do this in any vehicle, but UTVs are particularly unbalanced and unprotected). They can tip over if you try to make sharp turns and drifts.
  • Carry what you need to get home. Some good things to keep in your UTV include tools and a first aid kit. Although entertainment items are great to have in your UTV, prioritize the basic maintenance and safety gear.
  • Wear safety gear. No matter how safe of a driver you are, there are dangers with driving a UTV. Wear the proper gear to protect your body. Wear sturdy, close-toed shoes and sunglasses to prevent glare from the sun.
  • Learn and follow trail etiquette. Many outdoor trails will have a list of rules for UTV drivers to follow. Some of these may include staying on the right side of the trail, going slow near campgrounds, going cautiously around corners, and staying on marked trails. It is a better experience for everyone driving when you know the rules.
  • Spend money on safety before speed and bling. Having a fancy looking UTV can feel great, but you should spend the money where it counts. Your vehicle won’t be good for much if it gets broken. Don’t worry, once you are safe you can buy those extra things!
  • Drive with a group. If there are other people on the trail, you can join their group. If your UTV breaks down, you do not want to be alone to walk all the way back through the trail.
  • Buy the right tire size for your UTV. Even though other tires may look cooler, they will end up ruining your performance. Your UTV is built with a certain tire size in mind.
  • Use your suspension settings. Your suspension is adjustable so you can make sure that the ride height is set correctly. If you’re too low to the ground, you might get stuck on rough patches of trail.
  • Check your tire pressure. This is important with any vehicle, but especially with a UTV. The tire pressure will effect the safety and performance of your UTV.
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