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Dunebuggy-Auto 250

Dune Buggy 250cc Desert Safari  

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure in deserts and natural trails  then Dune Bashing  will be the best option for you. The Buggy is that kind of Vehicle which moves on low-pressure tires, with a seat and handles steering wheel  to control by the operator.  Admiring the spectacular panorama, sparkling sand, dunes bashing, riding camels, towering hills, low plateaus, flying falcons and bountiful waves of sand around the desert. This adventure will fascinate the soul and help to discover nature.

This outdoor experience is for those who want thrill, fun and action at the same time. This experience will have unforgettable moments for you, your family, and friends. Driving around the desert dunes will be a real buggy excitement. Desert Safari rides will help you to enjoy the exhilarating tours around the desert  .

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