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ATV Customer In Punjab 

Once you figure out whether you want sport or utility quad, you have to figure out what size ATV you should get.  This is going to depend on a lot of different factors. First of course is your size, but you also have to look at where you are going to ride, how you are going to ride and whether you are going to let others ride your ATV.  We go into a ton of details in this guide to picking the right sized ATV, but a summary is below.

50-70cc-young children under 12 that are learning to ride.

90-125cc-children under 16 that are still learning to ride.

200-300cc-bigger teens that know how to ride, smaller adults that are learning, wont be riding for long periods of time

400-500cc – price point shoppers, ranchers, acreage owners, farmers, new riders, light trail riding, most females

550-700cc- – aggressive trail riding, hauling, taller people,

700-1000cc – aggressive trail riding, mud play riding, average male rider, hunters, hill climbers, speed demons, stream crossers

There are going to be some other key considerations you need to look into when picking out an ATV.   but a few of the most important considerations are the following:

  • Electronic Fuel Injectors are a bit more expensive, but handle better if you are going to be changing elevations, and usually require less repairs.
  • Power steering is great for new riders as it will save your shoulders.
  • Automatic transmissions are a lot easier for new riders, but give you a little less control.
  • Disc drum brakes are generally preferred to drum brakes.
  • Do you want 4wd or 2wd?  4wd is a bit more expensive, but is much more capable if you are riding in more extreme terrain.


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