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Discovering The Thrills Of An ATV

Discovering the Thrill OF ATV

Since they were first introduced over 40 years ago, ATVs have become more and more popular, with thousands of people taking up the hobby every year in the US alone. Why are they so popular? Well, ATVs are just one heckuva lot of fun to ride. Many people enjoy ATV riding as a way to get out and have fun with the whole family. Others enjoy being able to get far away from everyone else and just enjoy nature whenever they feel like it. But as with all vehicles, there are some things you should know before you hop onto your first ATV.

Your first few times out

You should always be with someone who has experience riding ATVs. Consider taking an ATV riding class where the instructor will take the class out onto the trails for some hands-on in a safe environment. Try it out before you buy! You may discover that you don’t care for riding an ATV after all. Don’t immediately jump on or buy the biggest, worst machine you can find. Much like motorcycles, you should start with something smaller, in the 440-600cc range. You don’t want a machine that can get away from you on a moments notice as your first ATV.

Again much the same as with motorcycles

if you’re a true beginner you should get a used ATV for your first. This is so when you damage it you won’t be out so much cash, and you don’t want to buy a brand new ATV only to find out you like this other model so much better!

Again taking a safety course

It is highly recommended. This will let you get some hands-on in a relatively safe environment with people who know what they are doing and can tell you if you are doing something dangerously or wrongly.

Always read your owners manual Thoroughly before even starting your new ATV. There is tons
of useful information about your ATV, how it performs, and how to handle it in these manuals. If you bought a used machine and it doesn’t have its owner’s manual, you can usually get a replacement from any dealer that sells that brand of ATV. Just write down the serial number and go ask them for a replacement copy.

After all this, you are ready to go out on your own. Even experienced riders usually go out with someone else. At some point, you probably will roll your ATV, and they can be extremely heavy and hard to get back upright by yourself, even if you are not injured. But if you are careful and follow the safety lessons and the owners manual on what slopes can be safely handled, that shouldn’t happen. Always better safe than injured alone in the middle of the woods, though.

Just follow these easy guidelines

You should  some common sense, and don’t get too crazy, and you should be fine and enjoying the thrill of riding an ATV!

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