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Service Instructions

Please Ready Carefully Service Instructions 

Air Cleaner
This unit is equipped with a paper-style air filter and should be cleaned/replaced after every 20 hours of operating. Note: Operating in usually dusty conditions may require more frequent replacement.
1) Remove air cleaner and cover by release the tab
2) Clean any excess dirt, oil, or dust from the air cleaner box with a mild detergent and
water solution.
3) Thoroughly dry the air box
4) Replace the air cleaner element.
5) Replace the cleaner cover.

Engine Oil
Initial engine oil is required to be changed in the first 5 hours of operating on a new engine. The engine oil should then be changed every 10 hours of use thereafter.
1) Remove the drain plug located on the bottom of the right rear side of the engine.
Elevating the front of the off roader slightly will help drain all the oil
2) Once the oil is completely drained, replace the drain plug and tighten carefully.
3) Place the kart back onto a flat surface to level the engine, and re-fill the crankcase
with 20 oz of SAE 10W30 motor four stoke oil.
4) Check the oil level using the dipstick attached to the oil fill cap. Be sure to check the oil lever before each use of the off roader . Add oil when necessary to keep the oil level between the bottom of the dipstick and “O” mark.

Spark Plug
1) Remove the spark plug and inspect it each time you change the oil. The
electrodes should be kept clean and free of carbon. The presence of
carbon or excess oil will greatly reduce proper engine performance. If
possible, check the spark plug gap (area between electrodes) using a wire
feeler gauge. This specification is 0.6 – 0.7 mm.

2) Before installing spark plug, coat threads lightly with graphite grease if
possible to ensure easy removal in the next time spark plug needs inspection.

3) It is recommended to replace the spark plug at least once a year to ensure easy
starting and good engine performance.

Chain Lubrication and Adjustment
For optimum chain life, lubrication with a spray on chain lubricant should be performed
on a regular basis. Do not use other oils. A new chain will stretch within the first few hours of use and therefore will require adjustment. The first chain adjustment should be made after first 2 hours of use.
If the chain has more than 1/2” of slack or “flex” then it will require to be adjusted.

1) Loose Nut (1)

2) Adjust Nut (2) until the proper chain tension is achieved.

3) Re-tighten Nut (1)

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