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Periodic Maintenance Schedule


To perform service that is in this schedule but not described in this manual, contact a local
authorized service center/ motorcycle / car garage .
Daily Service:-
Before Use:
Check brake operation
Check Lights
Check tire condition
Check overall vehicle condition
Weekly Service:-
Tires: Exam for cuts, excessive war and pressure
Wheels: Check for bent rims, missing or loose lug nuts
Hardware and fasteners: Check for loose or missing hardware and components.
Carburetor: Inspect carburetor
Engine Oil: Replace Engine oil in first 5 Hours of Operating and 10 hours increments thereafter.
Drive Chain: Inspect drive chain tension
Monthly Service or Every 20 Hours (includes list in weekly service above)
Front Axle: Check for damage to axle and loose or missing hardware
Shock Absorbers: Check front and rear shock absorbers for oil leakage and loose fasteners
Front Wheel Alignment: Check for unusual tire wear, align if required
Hardware and fasteners: Check for loose or missing hardware and components.
Semi-Annual or Every 50 Hours (includes list in previous service above)
Steering Assembly: Check for rack and pinion seal or damage or grease leakage
Rod End ball Joints: Check for excessive play, Lubricate.
Rear Axle: check for unusual noise and loose or missing mounting hardware
Annual or Every 75 Hours (includes list in previous service above)
Front wheel bearings: Check and adjust as required.
Rear Axle: Check lubricant, add lubricant (SAE 30 oil) as required
Brake: Clean and adjust. Check for brake pads linings. Check brake fluid.

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