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Operating Controls

Operating Controls 

WARNING: DO not attempt to start or operate the engine until completely familiar with the location and use of each control necessary to operate this vehicle. The operator must know how to stop this machine before starting and driving it.

Throttle The right side handle bar is the throttle that controls machine. As the engine speed increase above idle, the clutch automatically engages and moves the vehicle forward.To disengage the clutch at any time, allow the throttle to return to idle position.

WARNING: Each time prior to starting the engine, check the throttle assembly to ensure that when the pedal is pushed all the way forward the assembly is working smoothly and returns to idle when released. Do not operate if pedal or engine throttle linkage fail to return to idle. If unable to correct the problem through lubrication, adjustment or replacement of worn parts, contact your local dealer for assistance.

Brake The brake pedal is located on the left side of the kart. Apply pressure to the pedal draws the brake caliper around the brake pump at the rear wheel and slows or stops the vehicle.

Start Engine
To start the engine, first insert the key into the ignition key switch. This vehicle is equipped with automatic start switch. Turn the key clockwise, release the key when the engine starts. DO NOT ATTEMP TO HOLD IGNITION FOR MORE THAN 10 SECONDS, AS IT WILL BURN UP THE STARTER MOTOR. If the engine does not start, wait for 15 seconds before attempt to start the engine again. Once the engines starts, wait 5 minutes for the engine to warm up. The vehicle is now ready for operate.

Engine Off Switch
To turn the engine off, push the engine shut off switch to the “-” position. Allow yourself a safe distance before coming to a stop.

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