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Handle Bar Grips

How to prevent grips from sliding off the handle bars to prevent grips from sliding off the handle bars

You could

ALTERNATIVE: 3 Home made solutions

1. Spray Paint Solution

a) Clean the bars with brake cleaner. Make sure the bars are clean and dry.

b) Apply (a little squirt of) spray paint on the bars, push the grips onto the bars while the spray paint is still wet, spin the grips a couple times (evenly spreads paint) to place them where you want them. Then finally add safety wire around the grips on 2 or 3 places to ensure a firm grip.

Besides using spray paint here are some other solutions that work too: hairspray, ram tack, trim glue in a spray can, rubber cement, …


– Drill a hole in the end of the grips so the air can escape, they will slide on easier.

– Put the grips on with compressed air (no hole required) (works best w/ new grips)

– Put some lock wire on to stop the water getting in-between grips and bars

BEWARE: carb cleaner works too but is not recommended! It slightly melts the rubber grips then glues itself to the bars. You could end up ruining the grips in the end. Stick with the paint trick. You’ll never put grips on in any other way.

2. Brake Cleaner Solution

a) Clean the bars with brake cleaner. b) Apply brake cleaner (dries quickly) on the bars. Spray inside the grips. You have to work fast before it dries though. Then slide the grip on the bar as quick as you can and spin it to the exact position you want. Then leave it alone for like 5 minutes. When you come back to it, try to spin it. No chance! The brake cleaner, when wet, works as a lube, but it evaporates quick. Once evaporated, it’s not slippy at all, hense the reason for using it on brakes.

NOTE: You must remember to work fast though, if you mess about and get the grip half on the bars and it dries, you might have to cut it off.


3. Buy your way out

– Buy yourself some grip glue. Put it on, slide your grip on and let it sit for 24 hours without touching it! With one wrap of safety wire on the flanged it’ll never move, not in 20 years.

– Buy wrap around hand guards that keep the grips from sliding off the end of the bars, but it won’t stop it spinning like the brake cleaner technique will.

– Buy yourself a set of Locking Grips. You’ll never have to worry about them spinning on your bars.


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