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Driving Safety Tips

Driving Safety Tips

Turning Maneuvers

A new operator must learn to shift his or her weight and control the throttle to allow the rear tires to negotiate
the turn. This is the primary technique to be mastered in riding this vehicle. Practice turning at a slow constant speed. Defer increased speeds until you are confident of your proficiency and are intimately familiar with the terrain.

Steer in the direction of the turn, and lean your body to the inside of the turn in order to maximize front tire traction. Use the throttle to maintain power throughout the turn.

Once this technique is learned, turning maneuvers can be performed within a relatively small area.

Incorrect turning techniques may cause the front wheels to slide straight ahead without affecting the vehicle’s direction of travel. If this should occur, come to a stop, then resume the technique outlined above.

If the front wheels tend to skid in mud, sand, or snow, you may be able to improve control by releasing the throttle and allowing the vehicle to coast through the turn.

If the rear wheels inadvertently skid sideways, correct your slide by steering in the direction of the skid, if you have room to perform this maneuver safely. Avoid braking or accelerating until you have control.

To avoid skids while traveling on slippery terrain, the operator must exercise a high degree of caution. Turning maneuvers on slippery terrain are more hazardous than those performed under full traction and must be done slowly.

Surface composition is a major factor affecting skidding. It is easier to slide on packed snow than in deep sand. It is dangerous to skid on ice, because you may lose all directional control, and it is dangerous to skid on pavement, because you may regain traction suddenly and unexpectedly, which can cause the vehicle to overturn.

Climbing Hills

Practice climbing on evenly surfaced slopes of less than 20 degrees. The vehicle’s capability in climbing hills or traversing any specific terrain is dependent upon operator skill and vehicle load. As you gain experience in
handling this vehicle, and learn the hazards to be encountered and your own limitations you may then proceed to drive more challenging terrain. However, you must first be able to discern and avoid any hill or hazard that would cause this vehicle to overturn. WARNING – Do not apply power suddenly by opening the throttle while ascending a hill or the front wheels may rise from the ground. If the front wheels lift, the operator’s control will be lessened and the vehicle may overturn backwards.

If you should find that you have incorrectly estimated climbing capability and lack the power or traction to continue the ascent, if space permits, turn the vehicle around while you still have the forward speed to do so and descend. Avoid stalling part way up a hill, as maneuvering will then become more difficult.

CAUTION – Before attempting a turn on a hillside, the operator should first master turning technique on level ground.

If you do lose all forward speed, and can neither continue uphill nor maneuver the vehicle under its own power, turn off the engine, dismount, and physically turn the machine around.

CAUTION – To avoid overturning, the operator must exercise a high degree of caution when dismounting or moving this vehicle on a hillside. Descending Hills

It is usually advisable to descend hills with the vehicle pointed directly downhill, avoiding angles that would cause the vehicle to lean sharply to one side. As you approach the point of descent, stop and survey the terrain below. Never drive headlong past your limit of visibility. When you have picked a safe path of descent,
descend slowly with the throttle closed. Sit back on the seat, with arms extended and braced on the steering wheel.

When descending it is recommended that the operator apply the brakes intermittently to further reduce forward speed. Braking effectiveness is reduced while descending any incline with a loose surface.

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