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Warranty Coverage

Limited Warranty Coverage is off site , breakdown parts will be sent free of cost and courier to your address , customer is requested to send photos , full instruction for replacements , would be given .

Quads are like normal motorcycles , routine check up and normal maintaince is required like oil change , chain tension and tire pressure , customers are required to maintain the quads as per the owner manual supplied with the purchase .
Warranty is void if the machines are used for commercial rent purpose . atv track . atv trail commercial / multiuser, but full spares support is available on payment basis
warranty is void if Sea water is in contact with metal or electrical parts.

Legal Disclaimer

Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that any purchase of products from POWERSPORT. is at your own risk and that none of the owners, managers, or employees shall be held liable for any direct, incidental, consequential indirect, or punitive damages, or any other losses, cost, or expenses of any kind (including legal fees, expert fees, medical fees, or other disbursements) which may arise, directly, or indirectly from the use of any of our products.
Purchaser acknowledges scooter, motorcycles, ATV’s and personal watercraft are dangerous to ride. Purchaser they are in proper physical condition to participate in such activities. If you are not familiar with the operation of the above products seek professional training before riding. WARNING: the operation of scooters, motorcycles, ATV’s, and personal watercraft involves risks. These may include serious bodily injury and even death. Always wear appropriate gear (helmets, protective clothing, flotation devices etc.). Never operate these vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Obey all laws and regulations that control the use of your vehicle. .

ONE year of the engine warranty is for the FUNCTION of certain engine parts.
Function is described as warranty coverage for parts that are not normally exposed to misuse,abuse, or extreme wear. These engine parts are warranted to be free of manufacturing flaws such as stress cracks, inferior material (metal), casting flaws, and machining flaws. Upon part failure, only POWERSPORT . may determine if it is covered. Any failure or damage to a part that does not influence its function will not be covered. Normal wear of these parts is not covered. Parts covered under the second year period would include, but not necessarily be limited to:

Head cover
Cylinder, and Cylinder Head
Left Case Cover
Left Crankcase
Right Case Cover

Right Crankcase
Mission Case
Cylinder Head Side Cover
Certain Internal Engine Parts
Certain Bearings and Gears


This warranty does not cover consumable wear and tear items such as, but not limited to:

Throttle cable
Brake cable

Brake pads
Oil changes
Problem occurring due lack of proper maintenance
Problem occurring due to abuse

Air Filters

Modifications to your OFF RODER that are not POWERSPORT approved will void the warranty.
Defective parts are subject to recall upon failure, and are required to be held by the dealer or service center until the warranty claim is settled.


POWERSPORT will REPAIR OR REPLACE , at its option, any part that is found defective in material or factory workmanship under normal use. Parts used in the “ repair or replace” process under this warranty are covered only for the remainder of the warranty.


The powersport must be purchased from a dealer who is an authorized powersport dealer, and Prior to delivery to the purchaser, set-up and pre-delivery service must be performed by a dealer who is an authorized powersport dealer. All units must be registered WITHIN 10 DAYS OF PURCHASE or the warranty is void. All warranty work must be performed by an authorized Carter dealer or service center.

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