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OIL Story On A ATV

Oil Story On A ATV

Before you check the oil level, start your engine and let it turn for a minute or 2 before you shut it down again.

– Screw out the oil dipstick
– Clean it with a clean cloth & put it back in (*)
– Take the dipstick out again & read where your oil level is at

(*) The way you put the dipstick back in depends on the ATV model you own. I suggest you look it up in your owners manual. Some models require you to put the dipstick back in screwing it tight till the end. Other models require you to put the dipstick back in WITHOUT screwing it tight till the end.

Either way, when you”re reading the oil level, it should be near MAX. Not on MAX, but close to it. Always make sure the level is close to MAX and never below MIN!

When add oil?

NEVER add oil ! Always renew oil !

When renew oil?

Renew oil when one of these 2 criteria are met:
– oil = BLACK
– oil level = BELOW MINIMUM


– Too much oil (above MAX) is a BIG NO! Your engine will take in this abundance of oil into its combustion room. If your ATV is emitting white smoke, you have too much oil.
– Too little oil (below MIN), on the other hand, is even BIGGER NO! Chances are big you’ll wear off your engine or even worst pulling your engine.

Read up on how to Renew Oil

How to renew the oil and when

Check your oil level after each ride! Stipulate weather to change it or not yet.

When to renew the oil?

When does one renew the oil for the first time?
– after engine break-in,
– after first 2 gas tanks,
– after engine’s first 10 hours.

When does one renew the oil on a regular basis?
– after 10 rides in a row,
– after each race,
– when oil = BLACK !
– when oil level = BELOW MINIMUM !

Basically, check your oil regularly and look if its time to replace it! There is no better tip then that.

I know someone who changes his oil after every long distant ride and has never had any engine trouble for the past 3 years in a row. Of course that’s a bit over the top, but it does point out renewing oil is what engines like. Alot! The best you can do to be safe is check your oil after every ride. It takes 1 min tops. And change it every 10 rides.

Again, if you don’t want to take any chances, change if after each ride and every race!

How to renew the oil?

1. Make sure your engine is cooled off or at least watch out for your hands if the oil is still hot.

2. Look for 2 drainplugs:
– One either underneath your engine or close to your shifter
– One at the bottom of your oil reservoir
This is not always the case. So I suggest you look into your ATV (or owners manual) and find out where your drain bolts are.

3. Prepare a bucket or reservoir to catch the drained oil

4. Loosen the bolts, drain the oil, let it leak for a couple of minutes. (watch you hands! – hot oil)

6. Find where your oil filter is at (owners manual) and remove it for a new one. Always replace your oil filter the 1st and 2nd time. (on a new bike) The 3rd time: skip replacing it, just change oil. 4th time: replace oil filter, change oil.

So basically, you can skip replacing your oil filter every once and a while.

7. Put back and tighten your drainplugs

8.- Unscrew your oil dipstick and add new oil.
– Unscrew your oil filler cap and add new oil.

Preferably half-synthetic oil. Depending on the model you own, the amount of oil you have to put in the oil reservoir and the engine block itself differs. Check your owners manual.

ex. YFZ450
Total: 1.85 ml
Oil Reservoir: 1.55 ml
Engine block: 0.30 ml

9. Before checking your oil level again, start up your engine. Let it spin a couple of minutes and check the oil level. Make sure the level is close to MAX, but not ON MAX. Keep in mind its easier to add oil then to take some out.

Take care. And renew your oil in time! 😉

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