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Dirtbike 250cc Scrambler

Dirtbike 250cc Scrambler 

For the last decade and a half, the production motorcycle market has been increasingly influenced by the new wave customs scene and off road bikes . The massive influx in popularity of one-off cafe racers ultimately resulted in the introduction of numerous cafe’d production models, before the same phenomenon — albeit for a shorter time — took hold with bobbers. But the latest custom craze to permeate the production world is undoubtedly that of the Dirtbike scrambler. These vintage off-road-themed machines are now offered by the majority of today’s manufacturers, with some marques basing entire product ranges on the retro-inspired runners.

With more-than-satisfactory sales figures to prove it, the continued interest in the scrambler genre has afforded motorcyclists with a wide array of different scrambler options currently on the market.

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